CPMA: Freggie Program

We are proud to partner with Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) with resources that are designed to help your students make healthier food choices, complement your school's healthy living initiative and support the Ministry of Health guidelines. 

These sample lesson plans are part of the Freggie™ Program which offers a number of related resources, including access to the newly developed Freggie™ Curriculum for elementary schools. The lessons are fun, interactive and easy to adapt to daily lesson plans. The Freggie Curriculum is focused on the importance of healthy food choices, including fruits and vegetables in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.  The curriculum is free and and is available in English and French. 

Freggie Tales Grade 2.pdf (932 KB)

Freggie Tales Grade 4.pdf (1.03 MB)

NEW:  Freggie Curriculum now includes Half Your Plate Lessons! Each grade of the Freggie Curriculum now features a Half Your Plate lesson plan!  The lessons focus on introducing children to the concept of splitting up their plate into portions to ensure that half of it is always filled with fruits and vegetables to reach the recommended number of servings per day.  The lesson plans were developed to complement the Ontario Curriculum and are easy, fun and, colourful.  Download the curriculum today: http://freggietales.ca/htmlPages/Curriculum.html